Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Virtual Tour, Part II

This is the front of our house. The awning thing over the porch helps keep the house somewhat cooler as the front gets the afternoon sun. Pre-awning days you couldn't step out on the porch barefoot in the afternoon or you'd burn your feet.

The smaller door to the right is the kitchen door and that's the one we use the most. As you come in you'll see the stove to your left along with a little table where my microwave sits. Yes! A microwave. I love it. It's perfect for heating leftovers. Of course, it all depends on whether or not the electricity is working!

To your right behind the door is a big barrel where we keep a 100-pound bag of flour. I also have a 100-pound bag of sugar in a barrel in the storeroom. My sink and my window on the world is also to the right. On the left just beyond the little table is the door into the living room and then my fridge. At the end of the room is a bank of cupboards where I keep a month's supply of tinned food and other things. I also have a little desk there where I can plan my menus and keep my cookbooks.

On that desk I have an interesting collection of Coke cans that happened quite by accident. For one thing, I love drinking Coke. But I saved one of the little ones off the plane once just because I thought it was cute. Then the next time we flew, the Coke can was written in Arabic and I thought that was cool. Then my brother gave me a Chinese can and a Korean can. I also have a French can. So, they're not just any old can...they have to be in another language.

On any given day you'll find me spending a lot of my time in the kitchen. Everything is made from scratch. I make my own bread. Here I am making English muffins. My favorite cookbook is More With Less, put together by the Mennonites. I've learned alot about cooking from my Mennonite sisters! Another favorite is an old 1950's Betty Crocker cookbook. Both of these books use basic ingredients and don't call for a mix of this or that or strange ingredients. Sometimes cooking is a challenge because ingredients are limited. John says I create meals ex nihilo (out of nothing). At least I have a dishwasher! Her name is Maimouna and she talks to me. I bet that's more than your dishwasher can do!!


mymeanderings said...

I love your Coke collection! It is so different! I also love that door and would install it in a heartbeat in my own home!

Hannatu said...

LOL! I am laughing so hard!! That door has been a problem for years. At first it wouldn't shut and the metal bottom screeched against the cement porch everytime we opened it. Even neighbors two to three houses away said they could hear our door open. Then we cut part of the bottom off to end that problem. But the house settled a bit and now it won't latch. It barely closes. John just changed the handle because it kept falling off. The latch was on backwards and it took weeks to figure out why it wouldn't shut properly! Anyway, it is rather artsy looking, but it has been a real trial!!!!