Friday, October 27, 2006

What a Cutie!

This little girl is so cute! She lives right next

door in a round grass hut. She is six years old and is the youngest of 7 children. Her four oldest sisters are all married. Her family is Fulani, not Songhai, but they speak Songhai fluently. She hangs out at my house all the time. If I'm working in the office, she'll sit and look at books. If I'm in the kitchen, she peeks in the door or the window. If I'm taking down laundry, she wants to put the pins in the bag. If I go somewhere, she'll go with me.

One day I was peeling bananas to make banana muffins. She and her sister wanted to know what it was, so I gave them each a piece. You know the face a baby makes when they put a pickle in their mouth for the first time? Well, that's the face she made when she put that banana in her mouth! She spat it out and wiped her sticky fingers on the wall to get the slimy feeling off. She let me know just how disgusting she thinks bananas are.

She bought these glasses one day for about 10 cents. She was so proud of them! I doubt if they lasted long.

She's not very cuddly. I'll try to get her to sit on my lap or to hold my hand if we're walking somewhere, but she won't do it. She likes to be with me, but not THAT close!

This is her older sister who is closest to her in age. She's also cute. They also have a boy with six sisters!

And this is her niece, who is actually older than her. They live on the same compound, but in a separate hut.

I want to post something about one of their older sisters, so maybe that will be next!


mymeanderings said...

She is so cute!! Is that common Nancy for kids to not cuddle there, or is it just her?
These pcitures were they takem where you live, I would LOVE to see a virtual tour of your place!
Those cement floors are really in style in the states now, in modern loft type homes.

Hannatu said...

It's interesting because their babies are probably handled more than ours. They hardly ever just lay a baby down or leave it alone, somebody always holds it or ties it on their back. But then when they get to be a certain age, they aren't really cuddled much, I suppose because the mom has her hands full with another baby by then. I'm planning on doing a virtual tour...funny you should ask! This girl seems less cuddly than most, though.

Palmer said...

Talk about photogenic! What beautiful skin, eyes and smiles.