Monday, October 16, 2006

Picnic Rock

On the last night the kids were in Tera, we went to Picnic Rock. It's not your typical place for a know, green grass, trees, a lake, maybe a little playground, picnic tables, and a place to grill your meat. Nope! It's shade, dry, prickly grass, rocks, rocks, rocks. But it's got a hill you can climb and from the top of the hill you can see for miles. On top of that hill, in addition to piles of rocks, is a cement pillar. It's a mystery in and of itself, but we like to use it as a pedestal on which to make all sorts of poses. Picnic Rock is quiet and peaceful and we always go home feeling refreshed, like we've been able to leave the hustle and bustle of the crowded town for just a little while. It's no wonder Jesus liked to go up on the mountain to pray and to get away from the crowds for awhile.


Amanda said...

Great Photos! Fancy my picture still being on the wall! I love reading your adventures, life where you are in Niger is so different to when we were in Niamey!

mymeanderings said...

Is this near the bluffs? The one picture looked a little like it but I don't remember the post.
John cracked me up with his pose! But then again John cracks me up even without a pose!!!

don hall said...

Enjoy your blogs, Nancy, and all the photos. Will update our's once we get home.