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A Weekend in Tera

We spent this past weekend in Tera. We loaded the truck with as many boxes and suitcases as we could. I should say John did. This was no easy task as we're staying in an upstairs apartment and each box weighs 70 lbs. I did help him carry some of them. The humidity in the air was so high that by the time we were done, he was literally soaked with sweat. I gave him a drink and had him change his shirt before we went to pick the kids up at school. As soon as we got them we were on our way....except we had forgotten the spare tire so we had to go back to the apartment to get it....then we were on our way.

Our house was in pretty good shape. Somebody had stayed there a few weeks after Mike left and then had it thoroughly cleaned. Things were a little re-arranged, but that is easily fixed. The worst thing was that termites had gotten into the cupboard above the desk and pretty well eaten the back of one section of it. They had eaten through a stack of typing paper and were starting in on the books. We needed to redo that cupboard anyway because of getting a desktop computer. We're so thankful they didn't destroy the books. You can see from this picture that, once again, it looks like a missionary barrel exploded in our house.

We had lots of happy reunions with our friends. They are not "huggy" people, but we got some near hugs, lots of smiles, and lots of "Barka"s ("Blessing!"). These are some of the neighbor children who came to greet. The two girls, who are sisters, are the aunts of the two boys, who are brothers.

Daniel and Suzanne were glad to see their cats again. Both are probably only a generation from being feral cats and they are not overly affectionate, so I'm not sure the joy was mutual. They're just happy if they get fed. They don't feel the need to be cuddled. Daniel's cat is 14 years old and still catches mice and lizards. She doesn't have many teeth with which to eat them, though!

John and I will go to Tera again this weekend, this time to stay until October. I'm going to do another blog before Saturday, then there won't be any more until October. At that time I may post 4 or 5 blogs and you can read them all at one time or read one a week and make them last!


Jeremy said…
Wow...sounds exciting. Looks like a fun place to be living. Funny, I think I will be in a month or so. The butterflies are fluttering. Can't wait to see you again!
great post!!! sounds like fun!
Chinglishman said…
Lannie said - yummy - cat - barbicue !!!
Hannatu said…
She did not!!! She hasn't eaten your cat yet. Or is that what you had for supper?
Hall Chronicles said…
Those who think it sounds like fun, or that it is exciting, have yet to experience what you have--seeing children and babies die, to sit for hours at a wake, to hear the nightlong drumming of a possession dance. But to see people come to the one True God, the Lord God Almighty, that's where the excitement is and what makes it worthwhile.
Dusty Penguin said…
I don't envy you the unpacking and resettling, all the while greeting visitors and going visiting, giving gifts, sweating, readjusting, sweating, rearranging, sweating... I'm so glad your house was clean, though! It'll be a rough several weeks, but I'm sure you be glad to be resettled.
Nepo said…
I would greatly appreciate that song to music,if you guys can do it. By the way, I had a lovely rain date last weekend. It was awesome! Great stress reliever, too. Praying for you guys!

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