Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day 3, Sacre Coeur

Our last stop of the day was Sacre Coeur. Our tour guide, John, told us that this church is built on the highest, and one of the few, hills in Paris. We did not go inside. We were so tired and so hungry by now, so we bought some Parisian street food: Croque Monsieur and Crepes with Nutella. A croque Monsieur is a sandwich with ham inside and cheese on top and it is toasted. A crepe is a sort of very thin pancake. There were different varieties, but we had ours spread with Nutella, a special chocolate spread. We then took it and sat on benches in a playground at the foot of the Sacre Coeur. The boys had a blast watching the pigeons, most of which had deformed feet. Suddenly a cat (with a little luring from Daniel), lept out of the bushes and grabbed one of the pigeons. The bird got away, minus a whole lot of tail feathers. We saw the cat back under the bushes with feathers stuck in his ears!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you had such a rotten beginning to your trip but am so glad that you got time in Paris! We did an 11-day (including travel time, so it really was a quickie) to England & France in Nov/Dec of 1999 for Jamey's 50th birthday (his father was born in Chorley, England and this trip was to [successfully] trace his roots).

But oh my, Notre Dame & decorated already for Christmas. 330 steps to the top of the tower; the weather and view from La Tour Eiffel was incredible. We had been advised by friends to go to Sacre'-Coeur and although the architecture is viewed as "Disney-esque" in design by the French, it was beautiful. And we hit the cathedral just in time for the noon prayers (music) of the sisters. Truly mesmerizing.

Okay, I'll keep traveling with you vicariously!

We'll keep praying for safe travel. (Thought I had a blogger acct. set up but I'm losing the battle right now).

Laura D.

Hannatu said...

Wow, Laura. Notre Dame with Christmas lights on it would be gorgeous. It's amazing to be back in touch after all these years!