Monday, July 31, 2006


Every now and then somebody does something for you that is just what you needed at that point in time. We've been rather stressed lately what with packing and saying good-bye and taking care of all the details that come with moving overseas. So when one of our supporters said he'd take us sailing, we knew that it was just what we needed. There's nothing like "messing about in boats" to clear your head and relieve tension!

The day was perfect....windy, but sunny and clear. The wind meant that we got up to about 5 1/2 knots per hour which he said is perfect sailing. His boat is 24 feet 7 inches long....not huge, but big enough to feel safe. The kids and I were sitting up front and the boat was leaning so that the side was right down into the water. It didn't feel to scary if you were on the "up side". The first few times the men said to duck because they were going to tack, we just laid down on the deck. First the sail whooshed over our heads and then all of a sudden we were on the "down side". We were sliding right towards the ocean and none of us could find anything to grab a hold of. We seriously thought we were going to go overboard. And the men just sat there and laughed!! That happened about twice. Then we got the hang of it....When they said "tack" we switched to the other side before they could move the sail!

The whole day was wonderful and rather than further showing my ignorance about sailing and nautical terms, I'll just post a whole bunch of pictures. This will probably take several posts to do.


Dusty Penguin said...

Oh, that sounds like you had so much fun! Kudos to your friend for thinking of inviting you. We went sailing with Dean that Christmas in Nigeria, and it was awesome. I was terrified for awhile, but since I was wearing a life jacket decided to relax and enjoy it. I, too, thought surely I was going to fall over the side! I definitely don't have the courage to be on the water without a life vest though!

Hannatu said...

The first time we went with him I wore a life jacket and was terrified the whole time. There was practically no wind that time and I was still scared. This time I didn't wear the life jacket and it was a lot scarier with the wind. If I went on one of those really small ones, I'd definitely wear a life jacket!

journeyer said...

you've taken some fabulous pictures. I love the blue color of the ocean and the pictures of Suzanna's hair "blowing in the wind". I am somewhat sad that you are heading back- I mean I am happy you will be able to return to your ministry - but know I won't see you posting quiet as often :( know that we will be praying for you and thinking of you!