Sunday, July 16, 2006

On the Road

One thing we've done a lot of this home assignment is TRAVEL! We have TRAVELED to New York, all over Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Florida. On our way to some of those places we also passed through West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. John has done some TRAVELING on his own, so he has also gone to Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana.

On this most recent trip, the odometer hit 100,000. We have put over 23,000 miles on the Caravan alone. I imagine we've put nearly that much on the Cavalier. I'd check the odometer on it, but I can't because John has TRAVELED again to Houghton, New York for his 25th class reunion. (Can graduation from college really have been THAT long ago?!?!)

And what do we do while spending hours in the car? Everybody but Daniel enjoys listening to CDs or the radio. We all like reading. I do counted cross-stitch. And we all like to sleep! Getting in a car is like taking a sleeping pill for me. I can't stay awake if I want to...unless I'm driving....but this picture seems to put that statement into question. Am I awake or asleep? John doesn't sleep much, but at least with three drivers he can get a little rest.

John is home and he tells me we've put 16,000 miles on the Cavalier, so that makes a total of 39,000 miles. We're so thankful that both vehicles have run well and we've had no major expenses other than tires.

In a few weeks...August 10 to be exact...we will be making an even longer trip, this time by air and to Niger. More about that later.


Carol Wilson said...

I'm glad your TRAVELS brought you to Charlotte. Now I hope you get some time for the dust to settle before you board the plane for Niger.

Jeremy says there's still no rain. Do we keep praying for rain? Or for energy for you all to do famine relief?


Hannatu said...

Just got a letter from Mike and he said they got about 2 inches of rain in Niamey this morning! Keep praying, though!

Chinglishman said...

It was good to see you. It seems that we've only had drive by fruitings though. (Mrs. Doubtfire)
See you got the map up. wtg.

sue slager said...

glad to see you made it home. it was so wonderful to meet you all. i'm so glad to get a better sense of what is in store for jeremy. you made us feel very comfortable with all of this!

so thankful for the rain! hope it makes a difference.


Carol Wilson said...

Wow! I'm thanking the Lord for sending rain. Gives me faith to pray for more, and for a good harvest. Did John write Anthony about the October 6 arrival?

journeyer said...

I too am glad to hear about the rain. Tim and I have been praying. But as someone else says, this renews my faith and memory! Praise the Lord. Please post when you get more news. Katie Barker

Dusty Penguin said...

I'm glad your travels brought you to us for a couple of visits. The year has gone by so fast! I can't believe you are leaving in a few weeks.

Germaine's said...

Hey Nancy!
Haven't seen you in our neck of Tennessee! Would love to see you! Keep in

Lisa & Dan

Palmer said...

Just saw the reference to Houghton College . . . Saturday, I spent almost an hour talking on the phone with a good friend who works there: Tim Fuller. I have a lot of respect for Houghton but, man, is it OUT THERE! It makes Klamath Falls look metropolitan.