Sunday, July 23, 2006

Chinese food, Continued

I'm having trouble getting more than one photo posted on the previous post, so this is part two! This shows Robbie and Jake fishing their food out of the oil and John and Dean enjoying their dumplings.
P.S. My brother wrote and said that it isn't oil at all, but boiling water with spices in it. So, it's like a thin sauce that you boil the food in. Read his comment below.


Chinglishman said...

I'm glad we did that with you guys instead of eating "normal" Chinese food.

The pot is not filled with boiling oil, but with water, with a touch of sesame oil and other spices added per taste. It can be very spicy, or not at all.

On first arrival in the States, Chinese people cannot eat US Restaurant Chinese food because it taste so different. We have finally found one buffet which is tolerable.

Even after a one week visit to China, you can't eat American Chinese food. Just ask Mom and Dad.

Dusty Penguin said...

Yeah, Mom and Dad said that you spoiled their Sunday dinner routine of going to King's Chinese. Who would name a Chinese restaurant King's anyway?