Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Adding to Our Family

We're adding to our family!

No, we're not having a baby!

No, we're not getting a new pet!

We're adopting! Well, sort of....Jeremy Slager will be joining our family for six months in Niger. Since he's already 18 and his parents still want him, we can't exactly adopt him. But, he'll live with us while he learns about another culture and what place he can have in missions. He's pretty sure he'll go into missions, but isn't clear yet what role that would be. So he'll take a gap year and spend six months in Niger as an intern. Maybe then he'll have a better idea of what to major in in college.

Pray for us all as we adjust to each other, but especially Jeremy who will face so many new things: a new family, a new culture, a new language, new food, a new climate, and new friends. The kids are looking forward to having a "big brother". Since Jeremy's the baby in his family, he's probably looking forward to being the big brother for a change!

We met Jeremy, his parents, and his grandparents in Charlotte last week. We were impressed with the entire family. We've already noticed two things about Jeremy that will be in his favor in Niger: 1.) he likes people and 2.) he's not afraid to try new things. Check out his blog at

Meanwhile, Mike has just finished his two-year term. Even though he was no longer a kid, we adopted Mike, too. It was more like adopting a brother, though. We had a great mutual friendship...he got food, fellowship, and a guy friend to bounce things off. We got a great friend, a prayer partner, an encourager, and a fellow guitarist. He and John could always find time for a good jam session. We will really miss him.

This picture is of a card I made him for his birthday. It was a Canadian flag (red/white/red) with a picture of a Canadian hockey player where the maple leaf should be. Inside were cut-out maple leaves scattered across the page. It was the only picture of a Canadian hockey player I could find, but it turned out to be one of his all-time favorite players. This guy had even signed Mike's sweatshirt after a hockey game! I think Mike enjoyed the card as much as any of the gifts we gave him.....except maybe the "BOCA Canada" t-shirt....turns out "boka" means witchdoctor in Hausa. Fortunately there aren't many Hausa speakers in Tera!

Pray for Mike as he returns to Canada. He has a job at a church, but I think he'll be surprised when reverse culture shock hits. There's something about Africa that gets in your blood and stays there. We'd like to see him return to Tera, but I don't know that he's so keen on it!


Dusty Penguin said...

It's great you and Jeremy got to meet each other. I read his posts awhile back, but not recently. That was a really creative card you made for Mike. Maybe God will lay on his heart to go to Tera full-time. He's over the worst of the adjustments now and he didn't quit!

Jeremy said...

Hey there! Well, we can call it a temporary adoption. It'll be amazing, for sure. I'm getting more excited (and prepared) every day. I'll see you in a few months! God bless. (Au revoir)


Dave said...

So from piecing together bits from this and Jeremy's many languages do you have to learn to survive there????

One is hard enough for me, I am still trying to get out of the third grade!


Hannatu said...

We have to learn 2: French and Songhai. But I hardly ever use French except in church on Sunday morning. The kids I work with use French in school, but they speak it about like I do. Most of my lady friends don't speak French at all because they never went to school. So I mostly use Songhai. You're doing well in 3rd grade. I feel like I've been stuck in preschool forever. My kids are fluent will yours be!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to subscribe to your blog. I cancelled my subscription to your old site and was shocked and sad to see the comment that you were talking about. Thanks for your comments on my page, I'm a slow learner.

Live, Love, Laugh said...

wow, I love this blog, my first time to visit! Sounds like a blessing to have someone new added to your family. God bless you all

Hannatu said...

Hey Daisy! I don't think you can subscribe on blogspot. I'm new too, so I'm not sure. I just put my friends who are on blogspot under my favorties and check them every so often. My Xanga isn't really a blog, I just have an address so I can comment on my Xanga friends' sites.

Dave said...
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Dave said...

You can provide an atom feed for others to subscribe to if you turn it on in your blog template. See here for more info