Monday, June 12, 2006

The REAL Football

The main thing the kids have enjoyed about our home assignment has been the youth group at church. The kids there have welcomed them with open arms and really made them feel at home and accepted. The other thing that has been good for all of us is our Life Group. They were the only kids in the group, but they really opened up and shared things that they might not have with just their parents. We really saw some spiritual maturity in their lives that we are excited about.

We've also been blessed this time around staying at MRF (Missionary Retreat Fellowship) because there have been a good number of teens staying here or nearby. One of their favorite activities now that it's warm is soccer. Before they got busy studying for finals, most evenings would find a group of them in the field playing soccer.

Soccer, known as football in every country in the rest of the world, is a great game involving endurance and skill. It is a game truly played with the feet and not with the hands as the game known as Americna football is played. In case you didn't know, the world presently is involved in a tournament known as World Cup Football, taking place in Germany. Daniel and Suzanne are in grief because we don't have cable TV and the stations we get don't air such an important event as World Cup Football. Get this, in Niger we get one, count it, one station. That station will televise every single game in the World Cup.

Hey, Natalie, remember when we watched the World Cup in the Gambia..."Eat football, sleep football, drink CocaCola."

Oh well, I do like a good football (as the rest of the world calls it) game, but I guess it's not to be this time around.


Dusty Penguin said...

I do remember! Everyone would crowd into the hotel lobby, including people off the street, to watch the game. I don't think any of us will ever forget those commercials--which means Coke did a pretty good job! The kids went around saying that all day, especially Daniel.
Hey, I wonder if there's any way you can watch the game on-line??

Hall Chronicles said...

C'mon, Amerika! Get with it! American football is one of the stupidest games ever invented compared to REAL football. I tuned in yesterday too late to see the Korea/Togo match. Too bad Togo lost. I then watched the France/Switzerland match and in my opinion, Switzerland won in that 0/0 match by keeping France from scoring! Didn't get to see the next match. Now listen up! If you live at LA again when it is going to be World Cup Football, get Direct TV so you will have ESPN. I was wishing yesterday and will be today and onward that there was some way I could pipe it up North to y'all. Seems unfair I can see it and y'all can't.

Hannatu said...

Daniel is hoping the Cedarville lounges have ESPN. Hope he does some studying during his two-week course too! You have to pay to get on-line tv and it would be worth it for The Cup if we weren't going to be traveling during so much of it.

Hall Chronicles said...

Daniel was very disciplined when y'all were here in March about turning off the TV and studying for the SAT and no one was telling him to turn off the TV or to study. So if C/v has ESPN in the lounges, and they will, I think he'll also get his studying done. The only ones watching it will be MK's!!!!

mymeanderings said...

All four of you will leave a huge hole when you leave. It is natural to open our arms to you, you and your family bring color and warmth to the are an amazing family!