Saturday, June 03, 2006

Other Spring Flowers

This is blog is really part of the blog about lilacs, a sort of P.S.

I like other flowers of spring, too. I believe this is a rhododendron. It is growing in front of our house and I wake up every morning, now that we have the windows open, to hear bees buzzing in the flowers just beyond our bed. It's a nice sound as long as the bees stay in the flowers and away from John who is allergic to bee stings!

I'm going to look at this picture next May when I'm so hot I can hardly stand it! May when we've had eight solid months with absolutely no rain and there are no flowers to be found...May when we're all covered with heat rash....May when we can't stand to touch any body or be touched by any body....May when every body is short-tempered because they're so hot. Oh yes! I will definitely look at these pictures and think of more pleasant things than the heat.


Jane Stutzman said...

Beautiful pictures of some of my favorite flowers, too...I have both lilacs and rhododendron in my
yard here, but they're over too

Hannatu said...

Yes, I wish they'd last all summer!

Hall Chronicles said...

Nice photos and write-up. I was going to suggest Whitman's poem and then I saw that you had thought of those words, too. Thanks to Lit. course at Cedarville!

mymeanderings said...

The whole time I was reading it my head was spinning trying to think of a way to ship lilacs out to Tera in 2007!
I love how you write about things, we who live hear all the time, take for granted.