Monday, May 08, 2006

Pray for Jean DeValve

On Monday, May 11, my mother-in-law, Jean DeValve goes to the hospital to have one of her kidneys removed. She has a cancerous growth on the kidney, but we are so thankful that it appears to not have spread elsewhere. In early March she wasn't feeling well, so went to the doctor. He diagnosed her with divirticulitis, but, while running tests, noticed something suspicious on her kidney. While the divirticulitis wasn't fun, we're glad she had it so the doctor was able to catch the more serious problem! He told Mom she was lucky, but she told him it was God, not luck. Do pray for her as this will be major surgery.

This is a picture of my mother-in-law and me in December at a Christmas tea at their church. It was an international theme, so I wore my Nigerien clothes and she wore this beautiful top a Chinese friend gave her. I spoke on "Christmas in Niger" and another missionary shared about "Christmas in India". Unfortunately, it's a bit blurry.


Jane Stutzman said...

I heard from Cheri this evening about Jean's surgery, so I've sent another e-message telling you that, again, that message didn't come to my computer. You are cranking out blog posts faster than I've been tuning into, so I missed the one "memorializing" Daniel's first birthday. He was one cute kid, and he's a fine-looking young man. I love the pictures...the one of you and Jean is endearing. Is her surgery next Monday? Matthew and Michael are into the paint balling; haven't heard anything from them yet about air-soft guns. They don't miss much, so that will probably be next. Could be they already have asked and gotten a negative response from their mother :o)

journeyer said...

we will be praying