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My Birthday

My birthday was May 7. It was a great day. John brought me breakfast in bed, but I told him to just bring me cereal since I had to get up and get ready for church. After church I got to sit down and do some cross stitch while everybody else made dinner! John made a delicious chicken meal and I forget what else.
I got lots of nice presents including some books, some scrapbooking supplies, a sun visor to wear this summer, a collapsible lawn chair, an earring organizer, a DVD (Walk the Line), and a cross necklace, CD's (Jars of Clay, Newsboys, Mercy Me, and Johnny Cash), and money from my parents, my in-laws, and a friend.

Suzanne took all these pictures except the cake one. She's turning into a really good photographer.

My cake was an angel food cake with fresh fruit and Cool Whip.
I took this picture so I can look at it when I get to Niger and am starving for such a special dessert. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't look at it....maybe that will only make me long for the "leeks and garlic of Egypt"!


Amanda said…
Happy birthday for May 7th! You could always go to the Pizzaria in Niamey when you get back to Niger if you want a dessert (if it's still there!) or to the chocolate shop (which was somewhere near the little supermarket). Anyways nice to hear your birthday was good.
Jane Stutzman said…
I noticed the new book you're holding, Bev Lewis' The Englisher. Have you read the first in the series, and her other series? I eagerly await each new release. I can get them at my library...they have a lot of good, Christian fiction. I love Karen Kingsbury, too; met her at a book signing recently.
journeyer said…
happy happy birthday! it looks like you had a good time and got so many nice gifts. We just watched "Walk the Line" and really enjoyed it. You will have to post your thoughts on it after watching it!

Congrats, congrats on getting the links up. It looks great! there are one or 2 that are not working and if you want you can take out the one that says "edit me".

What kind of scrapbooking things did you get?
Jeremy said…
Happy Birthday!
I am very excited to live with you all for awhile. God's got some craziness in store for me. I play soccer and tennis...I'm assuming soccer's a little more popular in Niger. I can't wait to play with everyone. Nice to hear from you. Have a SPLENDID 12th day after your See you later!
Dusty Penguin said…
Happy happy birthday a little late from me! I'm glad you had a nice day and that you have a husband that will cook for you! You guys have quite a time with birthdays and Mother's Day all right in a row!
Dusty Penguin said…
P.S. One of your friends mentioned the links--I looked at each of your friends blogs as well and felt like I got to know some of the people you know a little bit. I haven't looked at the links yet. By the way, when you first started the site, did you have that Bible verse at the top? I thought it looked different before. Any way, I thought it quite incredible that that is my life verse, and I don't think we've ever discussed it before! Must be we're sisters who shoulda been twins.
Hannatu said…
No, I added the verse later when I figured out how to do it, about the same time I learned how to do the links from my friend, journeyer. I can't believe that's your life verse!!! Mine too!!!
Dusty Penguin said…
I remember choosing that as my life verse after reading Tanglewoods Secret by Patricia St. John. Remember her books? They were some of our very favorites.
Hannatu said…
I loved all her books. Somehow I could never get my kids into them. I think they liked Treasures of the Snow, but not the others. Too bad! They missed out!

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