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Favorite Chores

There are a lot of chores I don't like: dusting or doing dishes for example. In fact, I'm rather indifferent about most housework. I do it because it needs to be done, but I neither love it nor hate it. But there is one chore I actually enjoy and it is doing laundry. I know, I know, all that hot Nigerien sun has given me brain damage.

I get more of a feeling of accomplishment from doing laundry than I do from my other chores. The day starts with piles of rumpled, dirty, smelly clothes and ends with neatly folded piles of sweet smelling wearable clothes. I love standing out in the sunshine, watching the squirrels scampering through the nearby leaves, seeing the trees budding out, and hearing the birds calling back and forth. I like organizing the clothes on the line: shirts together with towels and then trousers and shorts together, and socks and other small things in one place. I stop often to sniff the fresh aroma of the fabric softener. Often I'll pray as I hang the things on the line. Then I stand back and enjoy the colorful array of drying clothes blowing in the breeze.

It's a lot different in Niger where I don't have a machine. I hire a lady to do it by hand and hang the clothes on the line. She doesn't hang them quite like I would, but she gets the job done! She washes with a hard, brown bar soap. It works effectively, but doesn't smell as sweetly as American soap. Sometimes there is so much dust in the air one wonders if the clothes are much cleaner than before they were washed! Here is my friend washing and hanging my clothes in Niger. She also does the ironing for me. Wow! That's a relief....another of my not so favorite chores. I think she enjoys ironing because it's a man's job in Niger (hey...maybe we could get that to catch on here). It gives her a certain feeling of pride and accomplishment to do a job that most women don't know how to do.

Well, I guess I'll go look for some clothes to wash.....! :)


mymeanderings said…
I was just today folding clothes and thinking it was one of my least favorite chores!

So ummm, do you wanna come over and do what's left for me?

Hannatu said…
I'll come do your laundry if you'll come do my dishes! and my dusting!
Dusty Penguin said…
I wish I had a clothesline. I don't mind laundry too much, but have such a hard time keeping up with it between work, etc. Actually I think my favorite chore is ironing. Things look so nice when they're pressed, and I can do it while watching TV or visiting, etc.
Dusty Penguin said…
P.S. The photos on your site are great. I love the close up of Mom's quilt.
Jane Stutzman said…
I've been looking forward to this new Post from you. I like doing laundry, too; and even don't mind the ironing although with today's fabrics there aren't many things that need to be ironed. The smell of wash that has hung out to dry reminds me of my mother (who never had a clothes dryer). This morning I'm headed to middle school for Grandparents' Breakfast (6th grade). Michael will be meeting me after breakfast and taking me around school to see where/how he spends his days.
Hannatu said…
Thanks, Dusty Penguin. I guess I like ironing better than say, doing dishes. But my legs get so tired! Anyway, I enjoyed taking the pictures and I'm glad they turned out. With a digital camera you can take a lot without wasting film!
Hannatu said…
Jane, Thanks for your kind words. I have a question for you....I always wondered how clothes got dry in the winter. I would read that they hung them out and they would freeze. But if they froze, weren't they still wet when they thawed out?
Jane Stutzman said…
You're right...if they're still frozen, they will be wet (or damp) when thawed. But given enough time they will dry; trouble is, winter
days are often have to finish the drying on a rack, or somewhere, indoors. Not only all of the above, you freeze your fingers hanging them :o)
Hannatu said…
I think if I had to hang clothes out in the winter laundry would no longer be my favorite chore!!

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