Sunday, May 07, 2006

Birthday Boy

February 23 is long past, but I decided to take a small step back in time for today's blog.

Daniel turned 17 on February 23. I can't imagine where the years have gone! It seems just yesterday we celebrated his first birthday and now he's filling out college applications and preparing to leave the nest. He's a great kid and I have enjoyed every one of his 17 years.

Daniel was born in Niamey and that is where we celebrated his first birthday. He was just beginning to walk at that point. Wasn't he cute?!

This year we celebrated here in Pennsylvania. He wanted Nigerien food, so I used safari decorations. He invited guys and even some GIRLS! After supper the kids played some party games and then Daniel opened his gifts and we had an ice cream cake. Then the kids played board games.

Most of Daniel's gifts were air-soft things. Air-soft guns are pellet guns that shoot plastic pellets. The boys run around in the woods, chasing each other and shooting at each other. It's basically a teen-age version of the age-old Cowboys and Indians. He and his friends spent most of today (May 6) playing air-soft.

Youth comes but once in a lifetime. - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


mymeanderings said...

At first I thought it was a picture of John!
That is so cool that he wanted African food! Steve would think the guns were cool, he has wanted paint guns for while. SO I guess that quote does not hold true with Steve! LOL, He is a life long kid!

Hannatu said...

Daniel enjoys paintball, too, but I think air-soft ends up being a lot cheaper!

notlwonKmiJ said...

Yeah, Philip had some airsoft guns that he bought from savings ... until one of our unregenerate neighbors came over quite miffed (Christian version of "peeved") at finding some pellets near his driveway across the street. He didn't want an apology; he wanted to be mad and have an excuse. Thankfully Philip hadn't bought a good quality gun, and it's been long kaput.

Fo Fo.

Jane Stutzman said...

My husband was one of those
"ageless kids," too...I think that's one of the reasons he loved being involved with the Christian school, surrounded by kids and their activities, enjoying their sports. I didn't hear of paint balling until after he was gone, so that's one he missed; but he would be right out there with them getting smeared and stung.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I missed that one.

Happy birthday, dude

Uncle Dean

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