Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Walk in the Park

On Easter Sunday afternoon we walked in John Bryan State Park. It was a gorgeous day with a light tinge of green on all the trees and violets and bluebells covering the ground. The Little Miami River ran along the path. Unfortunately we didn't have time to make it all the way to Clifton Gorge. At one point in the gorge there is a place where Daniel Boone supposedly leaped from one side to the other as he was being hotly pursued by Indians. Doubtlessly the story has been somewhat exaggerated, but it's cool to think we may have walked where Daniel Boone himself walked! (Evidently Daniel and Suzanne were practicing to do the Daniel Boone Leap!) We did walk on an old stage coach trail and got a pretty good idea of what rough travel that would have been!


mymeanderings said...

You and John look so great in that last picture...the leaping one made me laugh!
The post made me want to get out on a trail somewhere!

journeyer said...

great pictures! The park looks lovely.

Jane Stutzman said...

I'm not sure how this works; I have left a comment on "Spring Has
Sprung." Do you keep looking on Previous Posts for comments?

Hannatu said...

Hi Jane! I'm so excited you left a note. Yes, I look back at previous least for awhile until they get really old.