Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Has Sprung,
The Grass Has Riz,
I Wonder Where the Flowers Is?

April 6....I wonder where the flowers is? I wonder where the grass is, for that matter. Last week it was in the 60's, the grass was turning green, the white birch were beginning to bud. But this morning we woke up to snow!!! It was 26 degrees. Daniel and Suzanne were late getting around for school, Daniel had a poster he didn't want to get wet and so I said I'd drive them to school. I cleaned off the Cavalier -- snow on top of ice, so I had to brush off the snow, then scrape the ice. Then the gear shift button wouldn't push in -- I guess it was cold and frozen, too! Since I couldn't take the kids in the Cavalier, I had to clear off the Caravan -- snow and ice.
The poor little robins were struggling. They were huddled down by the side of the road. It must have been a bit warmer there. But it was a beautiful morning. I don't especially enjoy being cold, but I do love the beauty.


mymeanderings said...

Nancy I am just thrilled---THRILLED that you are blogging! I hope you will be able to blog more than once a month! I am going to really miss you once you go back! You are already in my favorites list!

Jane Stutzman said...

Nancy -- Just today (04/26) I have read your e-mail message (on Cheri's computer...for some reason, I did not receive it this time) and also loved reading your blog Archives and all the comments, too. It was great reading about Easter with your 90-some-year-old aunt and uncle and to know that they have aged so gracefully as to be a total joy to be goal! I said to Cheri that having read your accounts and seeing the pictures made me feel good. I know little to nothing about blogging, but I'm open to being an old dog that can learn new tricks! I was interested to see "Katie Barker's name with reference to GBC in Chesapeake...I do not know her. You do a great job communicating through writing; don't quit.

Hannatu said...

Hi again Jane. Send your e-mail address to our e-mail address and I'll make sure it's corrected or added. I wouldn't post it here, this is a bit public.
Katie Barker and her husband are a young couple with a real heart for God. You'd enjoy them.