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I've thought of blogging for some time now, but didn't quite know how to go about it or if I would be too technologically challenged to do it. Then I talked to my friend, Joanna, who shared her blog site with me. It is wonderful and her joie de vivre comes out in her postings. It inspired me to leave my comfort zone and get started. So here I am, doing something for which I'm not even sure of the proper terms. Am I blogging? Is this a blog page, a blog site, or a blog web? Whatever, I'm doing it!

When we return to Niger I want to be able to blog at least once a month when we go to the capital, Niamey. That way you can have a more frequent insight into my life in Tera. You can see my joys, my struggles, my friends, my challenges, and my family.

I also have a hard time expressing myself and this way I will put words to my thoughts. It will be a way to force me to be more creative.

Speaking of creative...I'd like to recapture some of the joie de vivre that Joanna has. I was thinking of that and then in Bible study on Tuesday, Beth Moore talked about how our living out of our faith should be so full of joy it will be something our kids will want to have, something they can't wait to try out for themselves. So I want this blog to be a chance to be creative and look at life in a more joyful fashion. I am so task oriented and I would like to spend more time with my Creator, just reflecting on what He's given me.


Amanda said…
Hi, great to get a comment from you. My hubby and I were in Niger for one year from mid 2000 - 2001. We were at Sahel Academy as short term teachers with SIM and Janella was in her second year then. We became very close friends with her and her now hubby Jay. We know a lot of Niger missio's including the Moores, Doris Hill, Kris and Shelley Riggs, Nancy Carriger, The Cunninghams and basically anyone who was teaching at Sahel when we were there. Niger got into our blood big time and we've NEVER been able to shake it (not that we tried very hard!) so now we are in the process of joining SIM as long-termers and we are the full-time State Ministry Directors for SIM Western Australia. We are in the support raising faze and have committed to this mobilizing role for the next three years (and beyond!!). I've added you to my blogroll so I'll be reading yours regularly. Great to 'meet' you via the net, we've heard your name mentioned many times.
Hannatu said…
Hey Amanda!
It's nice to meet you via blogspot. Amazing. Yep, we were on home assignment the year we were there, but we know all the same people you know. (Except Jay)

God bless you as you raise support. It's kind of scary. This home assignment we've had to raise more than ever before. Our faith has grown!

I assume you know the Shorts?
Amanda said…
Hi again. We know of the Shorts, haven't ever met them, same with Jeanette James at Sahel. Support raising is scary and we don't have much time for it with Michael studying so we're trusting the Lord for his provision.
I think Janella and Jay got together as a couple when we were there. He was a Christian marine which was great as we got to drive around in the marine vehicle and watch movies at the marine house! Ahhh memories.
journeyer said…
Dear Nancy,
it is really really great to see that you have a blog. I will definitley check back to see what God is doing in your life. I love following missionaires, as we are hoping to do do some church planting overseas in time. My husband Tim and I met you at Grace Bible Church in Chesapeake, and were very impressed with your passion for the Tera people, the transperancy that you left us with, and the joy that you had for ministry. Katie Barker
blind_schoolb said…
I found you through and I instantly fell in love with your blog about you and your family in West Africa. How are you doing since you took your son to university? Do the dorms feel different at school for your daughter without her brother right down the hall? Sorry so many questions, I just love your blog. Bye for now, Raeann

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