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Noteworthy November -- Part 1

As of today, November 16, we have slept in nine different beds.  Well, one of the beds we slept in two different times with a few days in another place in between.

We left our home in Pennsylvania on November 3rd and traveled as far as Salisbury, NC.  We stayed with a family we had never met, but they knew my mother- and father-in-law.  John's parents had once been part of a bed and breakfast organization, something like Airbnb, only it was a Christian organization.  This couple had stayed with them and they hit it off well, so the next time they traveled through the area, they stayed with my in-laws again.  John's parents told them about us and they started corresponding with us.  We finally got to meet them.  And I failed to take any pictures.  

When we got to their house, we found that a couple who had done a short-term in Niger back in the early '90's was also there.  They live not far away from our new friends and had met at a church!  And I really don't know wh…
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October Occurrences, Part 2

This post covers the second half of October.  I think the 2nd half was not quite as crazy as the first half, but almost.

We were still in Ohio.  Suzanne had won some free swimming lessons for Tera.  This is a cool swimming school in a strip mall.  It is just for learning how to swim and, as far as I know, doesn't have hours for free swimming (by that I mean, do what ever you want in the pool, not that it doesn't cost anything).  And it is also just for children.  A parent does get in the pool with children under a certain age.  Other parents sit on the other side of the glass that surrounds the pool.  That's probably a good thing as they can't be telling their kids what to do; just let the teachers do it!

Tera's teacher had three three year olds, which is probably plenty at one time!  She was working on getting them to put their faces under water and to float on their backs.  She seemed to be doing a good job.

Nothing like the entire family showing up to watch the les…

October Reading List

I have five books for you this month.  Two of them I highly recommend, two of them I don't recommend at all, and one of them I recommend with cautions.  First off, I forgot one of my books from September, so I'll review that one first.

Break It by Ben Muse.  This is a book I got free on Kindle.  I'm not sure where I found it, because most of the "free and reduced" Kindle book suggestions I follow are for inspirational and Christian books.  Ben Muse has potential to become a really good writer, I think. Some of the writing in this book was a bit stilted, but at the same time, he kept you turning the pages. There were several twists, but he made the implausible plausible. There was a good emphasis on building solid relationships and I liked the closeness of the protagonist's family. But I was disappointed about the steamy bedroom scenes that really were too much information.  Based on that alone, I can't really recommend this book.

My God and I: A Spiritual M…

Retractable Banners

First, let me start by saying that this is a review of one of VistaPrints' products, but I am not representing VistaPrint in any way and am not paid by them for this review.  It's just my honest opinion.  

So, in case you haven't already figured out, I ordered our banner from VistaPrint.  Here is what it looks like.  I like it because at one glance you can see who we are, what organization we're with, and a few photos that summarize our work and our location.

I did check out a few other companies, but I found them to be complicated in that you had to send your design on a pdf to them.  Well, that's great if you are a professional with a degree in design, but I'm not.  I was looking for a place that had templates and you could just drag and drop your photo.  VistaPrint gives you both options.  So, after looking around on their site for what I was looking for, I chose the template I liked, dragged in my photos, resized them a bit to fit, and we were done!

The retrac…